Economic Improvement Districts Language Passes Indiana House of Representatives

Senate Bill (SB) 249 is the new home for IACED’s 2010 legislative priority dealing with economic improvement districts. On February 18, the Indiana House of Representatives approved the bill on second reading. Second reading takes place after a bill is reported “due pass” by a committee and it is reprinted. A copy must lie on every legislator’s desk 24 hours to be eligible for second reading. While up for second reading a bill can be amended by a majority vote in favor of the amendment. There were no amendments to SB 249. As SB 249 has survived second reading, it is ready after another 24 hours for third reading.

SB 249 passed on third reading on Monday, February 22, 2010. The vote on the House floor was 96-0.  It is not yet understood whether the bill will go to a conference committee to reconcile House and Senate versions. You can track the legislation’s path through the General Assembly here.

Economic Improvement Districts (EIDs) are an important tool in accomplishing the important work of revitalizing commercial corridors in downtowns and neighborhoods. Read this IACED blog post to understand more about EIDs. House Bill (HB) 1102, the original home for the this language, was not adopted by the full House of Representatives. HB 1102 died at the end of January when it did not pass from the house of origin. Read here for a better understanding of the 2010 General Assembly or click here to read about “How a Bill Becomes a Law in Indiana.

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