Innovative Rev-Up Gaining Speed

IACED had the pleasure recently in working with one of its members, Bella Communities, helping it to refine a pilot program that assists its low-income housing residents with the opportunity to not just get by, but to get ahead.

Resident Volunteer United Program (ReV-UP) is an innovative program that provides rent incentives for volunteerism, which in turn creates a bridge for residents to achieve an earned economic opportunity. ReV-Up tackles simultaneously both financial empowerment and civic engagement mobilization. To download the defining whitepaper, click here.

“IACED convened representatives from several of its member organizations to advise on the program’s next phase,” said Khoi Pham, Executive Director of Bella “It was great to get their perspectives on ReV-Up in an interactive, collaborative, friendly and safe forum.” Along with IACED, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Herman & Kittle Properties and Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center provided counsel to Bella Communities.

ReV-Up’s pilot phase ended late last year after it outreached to 1000 households. For it to reach critical mass, according to Pham, it needs to have 6000 households from 25 residential properties. Volunteers give back to their neighborhoods and residential communities, non-profits now find that the people they serve are now giving back and helping them. READ MORE…

Measurement of the program’s impact of 2000-plus hours of new community volunteer service has been positive.  Studies have shown that volunteers have a 27 percent higher chance of finding a job after being out of work than non-volunteers. Property managers and nonprofits have provided positive feedback and numerous anecdotes about the program’s success.

“As we move into the Demo Phase,” said Pham, “we are looking to add additional affordable housing partners  to reach critical mass. It’s a proven opportunity to help low-income residents, related nonprofits and property owners. It’s innovative economic development for everybody- an earned opportunity for low-income residents, an infusion of new volunteer hours for nonprofits, and a bottomline lift for property operators.”

Helping its statewide network of members find solutions, either directly through IACED staff or through IACED’s wide circle of influence, is just one of its many member benefits.

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