IACED is a statewide 501(c)(3) organization with a local focus. Our members strengthen communities and improve lives in rural, small city, and urban areas throughout the state. Members provide housing opportunity. They meet basic needs. They connect Hoosiers to jobs. They create vital spaces. They do all of this and more.

To assist with these efforts, IACED provides basic training services to improve our members’ organizational and operational strengths. We enable like-minded groups to connect and draw on each other’s assets and experience. We influence policymakers to ensure that the needs of Indiana’s community development industry are met. We do all of this and more.

Above all, we listen. We listen to you and your organization and provide relevant and reliable advice, counsel, training, and support.

As an IACED member, you’re making a difference. We’re making it easier. More than 300 Indiana organizations, institutions, and communities belong to IACED.

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