IACED uses research to measure the impact of members, identify productions targets and expectations for various types of organizations, and identify future trends for which members should be prepared.  IACED also produces short briefing papers and special, targeted analysis on specific topics of interest.

In 2008, IACED staff completed the report Indiana’s Property Tax Crisis: Is Property Tax Relief or Tax Restructuring the Solution?. To view the press release, click here (PDF). The executive summary (DOC) and full report (DOC) are also available.

In 2003, IACED with major funding from the Indiana Housing Finance Authority (IHFA) (now, Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority), the Fannie Mae Foundation, and State Farm Insurance, launched the Homeownership Education & Counseling (HomeEC) Initiative, which seeks to ensure that:

  • Homeownership education and counseling programs are offering consistent quality of services throughout the state, and
  • Homeownership education and counseling programs are accessible to the entire state.

IACED undertook 30 months of research and analysis of homeownership education and counseling in Indiana in order to make recommendations as to how stakeholders and funders can better address these issues of quality and accessibility. The HomeEC Initiative provides a process whereby those involved with homeownership education and counseling programs can assist in examining the current system of delivering these programs, and become a part of the policy discussion about how to improve them.

Download the Homeownership Education and Counseling Initiative Report .